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RC Survey

Relationships shape the communication through which coordination occurs

What is the RC Survey?

The RC survey instrument is a validated and reliable tool that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of teamwork within and across functional and organizational boundaries. The RC Survey is capable of capturing sensitive communication and relationship behaviors: RC dimensions related to a work process or on behalf of a client population throughout the leadership, management and front-lines of an organization.

The RC Survey is an integral part of any quality improvement or transformation initiative, with results being used to inform the design of interventions and as part of ongoing performance monitoring.

RC Survey 2.0 Features

  • Enhanced data visualization to more readily identify actionable RC patterns
  • Enhanced navigability of the RC Survey 2.0 report
  • Option to include patients and families as part of the healthcare team
  • Ability to compare multiple sites and multiple time periods
  • Improved RC network display – optional social network analysis
  • Option to include up to 50 additional customized questions

RCA provides a comprehensive suite of measurement capabilities, internal and external-benchmarking, real-time dashboard performance monitoring, and cross-industry metrics to meet the needs of a broad range of clients and stakeholders.

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