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We position our clients for a positive experience with our measurement solutions. This means high quality, meaningful, and valid data that diagnoses critical team behaviors and informs action. To achieve this, we believe that the process used to engage organizational members in transformation and continual improvement is as important as the content of the changes being implemented. Our approach to measurement is designed to proactively engage relevant organizational members in the process so that they are motivated to participate and share their perspective and invested in the outcomes of the initiative.

Each engagement begins with an assessment of each client’s individual situation and set of measurement needs. Engagements are scoped to range from measurement solutions that are fully coached and facilitated to Training and Licensing to build internal capacity. We provide a suite of resources and materials aimed at reducing burden to respondents and maximizing the value of our diagnostic data-driven insights for our clients. They include introductory material to engage and raise organizational awareness as well as practical tools like pre-formatted templates to support technical deployment.

Measurement and Analytics

Wraparound Survey Support

Wraparound survey support is an ongoing highly facilitated and coached engagement in which RCA provides support and guidance throughout the survey process in close collaboration with the organization. This service is intended to make sure that project goals and aims are aligned with the design, set-up and structure of each unique RC Survey and that there is a process for gaining buy-in from organizational sponsors and front-line staff.

Survey Administrator Training and Survey Licensing

Survey Administrator Training and Annual Licensing are for organizations interested in using the Relational Coordination Survey 2.0 web-based tool at scale.

Survey Administrator Training and annual licensing are intended to provide the user with the conceptual, technical and logistical background to set-up, deploy and manage their own RC Survey projects using the RC Survey 2.0 web-based tool. The focus is on developing the internal capabilities of an organization to design, set-up, deploy and analyze their relational coordination survey results in support of continuous improvement efforts.


Aside from measurement and analytic services, Relational Coordination Analytics (RCA) offers additional consultative support for using Relational Coordination results to facilitate change. Our consultative services span a broad spectrum to match client needs. Services include presentation development and support, change management consultation, and results coaching. The goal of consultative support is to create the conditions that enable a positive deployment experience for the sponsor or change leader and a positive improvement experience for front-line participants.